Málaga Open as official stop of the Storm Circuit

Málaga Open as official stop of the Storm Circuit

This year the city of Malaga is once again an official stop, for the third consecutive year, of the Storm Circuit, the most important national competition for League of Legends (LOL) and Valorant games.

El 11 June will occur Malaga Open in the National Pole of Digital Contents, where for the first time since this event began to be organized, the two finalist teams of each game will travel to meet face to face within our facilities.

In addition, the event will be broadcast with casters to offer a complete follow-up of these meetings and quality entertainment.

Within the structure of the Storm Circuit, Malaga Open will be a Tier 2 stop, which is a great opportunity for teams from all over Spain to accumulate points that will allow them to reach the finals of this event.

The Malaga Open will distribute 1.500 euros in prizes, which will be distributed between both games, in addition to financial aid of up to 500 euros per team to facilitate travel to the city of Malaga.

You can find all the information in the official website of the event.

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