'Locked out memories', winner of Indie Games Málaga 2022

'Locked out memories', winner of Indie Games Málaga 2022

The Indie Games Málaga video game contest organized by the Málaga City Council through the National Pole of Digital Content, located in Tabacalera, has chosen in its 2022 edition the video game 'Locked out memories' from the No Fear Games studio in Valencia as the best .

The contest has also awarded 'Maruja Mallo' from the Malaga studio Novelingo in the mobile category; 'The Occultist' from Pentakill Studios from Valladolid on PC/consoles; 'Locked out memories' on XR/Tech; and 'On cortex pro', by Anzcade Games from Badajoz, in Accessibility.

The fourth edition of Indie Games Málaga has had 24 finalist games selected from the total of 144 candidates that were presented and has distributed more than 20.000 euros in prizes.

In addition, in this edition, the increase in candidacies from other countries stands out, representing 13% of the total, and which includes countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Turkey and Uruguay.

Regarding the national presence, Andalusia leads the ranking of regions by number of video games presented, followed by Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country, the Valencian Community, Galicia, Murcia, the Canary Islands and Aragon. On the other hand, La Rioja and Cantabria are the territories with the fewest candidates.

The winners have been selected by a professional jury made up of 13 members of the sector, including Enrique García, from the ONCE Foundation; Curro Rueda, CEO of Viva Games; Luz Castro, president of the Video Xogo de Galicia association; Antonio Quirós, coordinator of the Digital Content Pole; Raquel Alcázar, from The Game Kitchen; Alberto Oliván, from Fictiorama; Elena Blanes, CEO of Stega; David Martinez, from Hobby Consoles; Olga Reus, director of New Gaming and president of the GamersOn association; Lucía Herrero, president of the Málaga Jam association; Tali Tzukerman of Products Madness; Raúl Rosso, from Uptodown; and Rodolfo Tiessler, from Brantor.

In this edition, the event has high-level sponsors from the video game industry such as Uptodown, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the ONCE Foundation, Giants, Product Madness, Viva Games and Kaiju, as well as the collaboration of the University of Malaga , the Provincial Council of Malaga, OWO, the Spanish Association of Videogames (AEVI), the Spanish Association of Developers (DEV), the GayMer association, Malaga Jam, GamersOn, Brantor and EVAD.

As a media partner, it once again has the support of Málaga Hoy and Hobby Consolas, as well as Cervezas Victoria as a party partner.

The National Pole of Digital Content contest of the Malaga City Council, which was created in 2018 to help and promote independent video game studios, held the final gala last night in which the winners were announced.

Previously, during the morning, various activities were organized around the video game industry, which brought together more than 200 people from the sector.

The first of these was the holding of three round tables in which big names in the sector participated. 'Is there investment in videogames in Spain?' It was the first, which included Jesús Bosch from Product Madness, David Fernández from Grupo Planeta, Curro Rueda from Viva Games and Mauricio García from Billete Cohete.

The second, 'Where does the videogame go,' included José María Moreno from AEVI, Alberto González from Bandai Namco, Mariela González from Raw Fury, Javier Puertas from Selecta Visión and Juan de la Torre from Devolver Digital.

Finally, the cycle of round tables ended with a debate on the needs of the indie sector and included Olga Reus from GamersOn, Ian Bermerjo from Best Ride Simulator, Arturo Monedero from The Longest Road, Alberto Oliván from Fictiorama and José Alberto Simón of Caged.

In addition, there was an area dedicated to testing the finalist video games and another space to establish contacts between studios and investors, where more than twenty bilateral meetings were held.

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