ESports Arena

The eSports Arena hosts the first in-person LOL League (League of Legends, the game par excellence among gamers) in Spain, which meets on Fridays and Saturdays. The space has 20 places for players with gamer seats and state-of-the-art equipment, 2 control points and 2 places for commentators, called casters in the digital industry. From there, action is live-streamed through Twitch, the Amazon-owned live video streaming platform.

The Survival League is an amateur competition that strengthens and encourages the growth of a talent pool of electronic athletes in Malaga. The competition provides a show in-person at Polo Digital and online through Twitch, thanks to audiovisual broadcasting of the games, including commentators or casters.



Professional playing conditions
Though the competition does not include professional teams, the Survival League provides coverage comparable to that of the big competitions. The organisation and sponsors provide players with latest-gen PC and peripheral devices. The peripherals used by the players are from the Spanish brand Ozone and include the Strike Pro Spectra keyboard, the Neon M50 mouse and the Ekho H80 headphones; the official competition chair is the DR200, from Spanish company Drift.

E-Sport Arena
Battle yard

Sportsmanship and self-improvement

The Survival League has the makings of the best sporting competitions. Fair Play is the marker of a competition where players are the stars. Among the teams participating in the league, there are almost all levels of Elo (the statistical system used to measure each player’s competitiveness), from bronze to diamond 1. There are players of all levels on the teams, except for the highest (challenger). This restriction is because the objective of the Survival League is promoting the eSports base in Malaga.

Prizes go up to €6.000 and a team can take home up to €3.000.


Survival League Awards:
1º Place: 1.000 €

2º Place: 750 €

3º Place: 500 €

Survival Cup Awards:
1º Place: 2.000 €

2º Place: 1.000 €

3º Place: 600 €

League of Legends

League of Legends is an online multiplayer video game of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre. It has more than 100 million active players and is one of the most popular eSports games. Two teams, which can be 3 or 5 players, face each other in order to destroy the nexus of the rival team. This game has become one of the main events of the National Pole of Digital Content through the Survival League, which attracts hundreds of users on weekends and has managed to create a community faithful to the product.


Electronic sports (eSports) are the competitive aspect of video games and an innovative way of understanding sport. In general, eSports are multiplayer video game competitions, particularly among professional players. The most played genres are real-time strategy, first-person shooting (FPS) and online multiplayer battle arenas (MOBA). This is a still growing industry that last year generated benefits of 845 million euros and had more 200 million viewers.