Codehouse Academy


Codehouse Academy was born with the commitment to train new professionals of information technologies, as well as help experts that are already in the sector that update your knowledge so that they can face the new challenges of the current and future technological landscape.


We carry out this work through a project with a strong collaborative component, since our goal in all the cities where we are present (Málaga, Madrid and Bilbao) is create a community where it is taught, learned and cooperated among people to progress in their profession, in addition to working and favor employability thereof.


The important technological component and the education experience of the people and professionals that form this project makes us have a deep knowledge of the technology sector, and our extensive experience enables us to be formative referents. We want to be a firm connection between companies and our community, which unites both professional and human tissues to form a whole, and that supports, reinforces and sustains permanent links that benefit all participants.



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