Coworking spaces and Accelerators

Polo Digital has 4 co-working spaces designed for startups’ pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration that house more than 50 projects and 150 entrepreneurs.

EOI space

In the EOI space (Escuela de Organización Industrial, the School of Industrial Organisation), there are about 20 startup projects in the pre-incubation and acceleration stages.

Coworkings and Flexiworking

There are 2 co-working spaces and a flexi-working space on the first floor for digital content projects at any stage of development and from any sector, from VR and AR to digital media.


The Genera Games accelerator started out as a humble video game studio in Seville. It currently invoices more than €21 million and hosts different projects at the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales. These are Rodaja and their game Lowpoly, Tale Studios with Breaking Fast, and Campero Games with their successful Soccer Royale.

The Badland Publishing accelerator is an independent video game editor and distributor for all available platforms. It allows video game developers to market their products internationally. Studios like Estudio Ábrego, with the game Noahmund, and Silent Road, with the game Afterlight.