EARTES - International School of Entertainment Arts

EARTES - International School of Entertainment Arts

The School EARTS, is one of the main International schools dedicated exclusively to the Entertainment Arts (Audiovisual, Digital Arts, Videogames, Music, Shows)

Our goal is prepare artists and creators, that after their training, they are ready to join the entertainment industry. We proudly cultivate the next generation of content creators, producers, audiovisual artists, technicians and designers ...

We use modern individual and group learning methodologies applied in the most prestigious business schools in the world: Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, Peer to peer assessment, gamification, etc. With this we ensure that the process is as fun and productive as possible.

The student will feel from day one the emotion of working effectively on a real production.







  • Training in Digital Arts, Audiovisual and Shows.

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