Serious Video Game Development Course for Business Solutions (Málaga)

Serious Video Game Development Course for Business Solutions (Málaga)
June 13, 2022 at 09:00 - 09:30
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Avda. Of Sister Teresa Prat
EOI School of Industrial Organization

Serious Video Game Development Course for Business Solutions (Málaga)

The European Social Fund, EOI - School of Industrial Organization and the Malaga City Council, aware of the need to increase the employability of long-term and older unemployed people, launch this program with the aim of training them for their reincorporation in the world of work through specialization in the areas most demanded by the business community.

Serious games are one of the most powerful technological tools to motivate, raise awareness, teach or simply change the way users think. They represent one of the main trends associated with the development of digital interactive experiences and are used successfully in a wide variety of industrial sectors such as advertising, marketing, politics, health, security, education, business training, social welfare, tourism, political activism or social awareness, to give a few examples. The enormous power and penetration of serious video games in any sector of society, including the business world, is associated with the power of attraction that video games have on the people who play them and the possibilities of interaction that this medium offers.

In the business field, there are also many areas in which serious video games are being applied with great success, such as, for example, in the preliminary selection of profiles and candidates to enter the company, in the adaptation of new employees (onboarding), in the motivation of the work teams, in the training of their workers and in the improvement of their capacities (including directives); or simply for marketing and advertising your products or services.

For all these reasons, companies are demanding the development of serious video games that provide added value to the company's processes and/or products, in order to improve their own business objectives.

However, designing and developing serious video games with a professional finish, aimed at solving or contributing different points of view to traditional business solutions and that, in addition, are developed according to a methodology that guarantees the basic principles of this type of video game, It requires being in possession of a high level of professional knowledge, both at a technical level of development and at a conceptual level of design, in the creation of this type of serious video game. Expert professionals in the development of serious videogames destined for the company are being highly demanded by them; In addition, people with this professional profile can choose to develop their own ideas to start the path of entrepreneurship or seek investment to carry them out.

This course provides you with the necessary knowledge to design and develop serious video games focused on their use in the business world. Request your place!


Program objectives


The objective of this course is for students to learn, from scratch, to develop serious videogames; Or in other words: video games whose main objective is not only to entertain but also to promote a product, train employees, support teaching or make the player aware of a topic of social interest, among others. This type of video game is increasingly in demand by companies for marketing campaigns or as work tools within their production or services.




  • Video game design.
  • Development in Unity.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Development and programming of videogames in Unity.
  • Serious video game design.
  • The business world: Examples of serious video game applications.
  • Serious game development in Unity.
  • Final conclusions and presentation of projects.



The program has an online structure with virtual presence 4 days a week and 1 face-to-face class per week. With very practical classes in which the students will work on the concepts and contents as they are explained by the teaching staff.

The course also consists of the completion of a final project that consists of the development of a serious videogame contextualized in a professional setting and focused on solving a business solution.


Who is it geared towards?

This program is aimed at long-term unemployed people with a minimum qualification of FP II (with preference being given to those with a technological FPII qualification and/or a university degree in computer science or similar). They will need to have a PC or laptop and internet connection. No previous knowledge of programming or application development is required.

The recipients of this program will preferably be from the city of Malaga, registered in the public employment offices in search of an occupation (for these purposes, it will be considered to be unemployed for 12 or more months in the last 18 months).


Number of hours of the training action: 232 hours.

Site: National Pole of Digital Content of Malaga. Sor Teresa Prat, 15 - 29003 Málaga

Training modality: blended.

Date: to define.

Region: Malaga.

Price: free.






Program co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Malaga City Council.

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