Advanced 2D and 3D Art Course

February 6, 2023 at 09:00 - 14:00
Polo Digital Contents
Avda. Of Sister Teresa Prat
EOI School of Industrial Organization

Advanced 2D and 3D Art Course

The European Social Fund, the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and the Malaga City Council, aware of the need to increase the employability of our young people, launch this program that aims to train them to enter the world of work, specializing in the most demanded fields by the business fabric.


Program objectives

The objective of this training action is to offer the long-term unemployed advanced knowledge and skills to enter sectors on the rise such as graphic illustration, the creation of 3D characters and 3D architecture for video games.


Who is it geared towards?

The recipients of the program are long-term unemployed people who want to specialize in art for videogames, preferably located in the province of Malaga.

The following skills and attitudes will be necessary to carry out the training: motivation, effort and dedication during the training; class attendance; investigate the world of current graphic illustration and the new methods of representation according to current standards; It requires a desire to draw and a lot of creativity since it is a project of a creative nature that encourages the development of imagination and the consequent technical realization in 3D; skill with technical programs and time to discover them; and personal responsibility to take a project from scratch to finish it, from the drawing to the virtual.

Recipients will need laptops or computers that must meet the following characteristics:

  • Windows operating system (not MAC environment)
  • Internet connection.
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM.
  • Enough memory to be able to install several heavy programs.
  • Internal or external microphone via USB.




In this first module, the student will return to the basic concepts of illustration and image: color, composition, textures... as well as apply them to illustrations made by the students. Several exercises will be carried out until reaching the final illustration: our own character in a utopian scenario. You will also learn how to texture the character.

In summary, this first module will consist of:

  • Libraries of textures, materials.
  • Composition and colour.
  • Examples of interesting 2D characters.
  • Sketch by hand. Characterization of the character.
  • Storyboarding and stage sketches.
  • Creation of a graphic illustration in 2D.


In this first module, the student will draw a scenario in 2D, and will learn to model it in 3D. We will do a summary of the basic tools of 3DS Max and then we will give advanced classes on both 3D modeling and the Corona rendering engine.

At the beginning we will do an exercise together at an intermediate level, and finally they will have to carry out the scenario of their personal project in 3D.

In summary, this second module will consist of:

  • Review of the basic tools of 3D Studio Max.
  • Libraries of textures, materials and 3D models on the Internet.
  • Creation of own materials with Corona.
  • Creation of your 3D models from scratch.
  • Landscapes and green areas with Itoo software.
  • Floor generator and Multitexture.
  • Vray and convert to Corona mtl.
  • Scene lighting.
  • Unwrap organic objects.
  • Rendering of the scene with Corona renderer.
  • Follow-up on the personal project.
  • Photoshop: how to get more out of a render.


In this third module the student will take his illustration to the world of 3D. We will resume the basic knowledge that the student has about Zbrush and Substance and we will expand them to model his character in 3D, to add the materials and the own created textures. For this you will learn programs such as Z-Brush and Substance.

  • 3D character creation pipeline.
  • Technical limitations of 3D in videogames.
  • Introduction to Zbrush sculpting software.
  • Creation of a character in high definition.
  • Sculpted clothes and details in Zbrush.
  • Generation of UVs and preparation of 3D objects for texturing.
  • Retopology of the character.
  • Character texturing in Substance Painter.
  • Knowledge of the Substance Painter tool.


In this last module, the student will learn about the Unity 3D video game engine. Thanks to this knowledge, you will be able to bring your character to life in the 3d scenery created previously in 3DS Max and Zbrush.

  • Create a scene in Unity 3D.
  • Import a project in fbx from 3DS Max.
  • Import a character from Zbrush.
  • Add and create materials with textures in Unity.
  • Lighting in Unity.
  • Bake the scene in Unity.
  • Add assets and shaders for water and vegetation.
  • Import animations for characters into Unity.



EOI has developed and put into practice a methodology of a practical nature and in the individualized and active attention to each one of the attendees and has a key element that makes the difference with respect to other methodologies, the support for improvement projects/initiatives that each assistant contributes, they are complemented with the training and experience of the professionals who teach the modules or direct the course.

The course will combine the practical part with the theoretical. That is, for each given theoretical block we will propose small class exercises for them to carry out during class hours.

The wish on the part of the teaching team is that we are all very involved in individual projects.

It is an artistic course where each of the visions of teachers and students is unique. Therefore, the collaboration of all teachers is necessary to enrich the project of each student.

Accompaniment in labor insertion.


Number of hours of the training action: 195 teaching hours +8 hours of tutorials

Site: National Pole of Digital Content of Malaga. Sor Teresa Prat, 15 - 29003 Málaga

Training modality: face-to-face, with hours from 9 a.m. to 14 p.m.

Date: February 2023.

Province: Malaga.

Price: free.






Program co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Malaga City Council.

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