Course of Introduction to the Design and Programming of Web Applications

June 13, 2022 at 09:00 - 09:30
Polo Digital Contents
Avda. Of Sister Teresa Prat
EOI School of Industrial Organization

Course of Introduction to the Design and Programming of Web Applications (Málaga)

Learn to program from scratch and take off your professional career as a programmer!

The objective of this training action is to offer long-term unemployed people the knowledge and skills necessary to start in the world of programming even if they have never touched a line of code.

The European Social Fund, EOI – School of Industrial Organization – and the Malaga City Council, aware of the need to increase the employability of many long-term unemployed people with degrees, launch this training in the profession of Introduction to Application Design and Programming Web. A highly demanded profession both to work in public and private entities.


Upon completion of the training, students will be able to:

  • Design a complete web application with the best practices of interface design and user experiences.
  • Design, develop and modify responsive websites with HTML5 & CSS3 and modern Frameworks (Bootstrap / MaterialCSS).
  • Know the basics of programming using the JavaScript language.
  • Work with VUE, one of the most demanded JavaScript frameworks.
  • Understand and program with PHP and its syntax.
  • Create and query SQL databases and create a basic API with PHP.
  • Understand the mechanisms of transformation of the current digital society, as well as the needs of the new labor market.


Who is it geared towards?

Long-term unemployed people (for these purposes, it will be considered to be unemployed for 12 or more months in the last 18 months) registered as jobseekers in the Andalusian Employment Service of Andalusia and actively seeking employment.

There are no minimum knowledge requirements. Knowledge of the digital world, interest in technology and its advances are valued positively. Office automation at the user level.

You need a computer with:

Windows 10, Mac or Linux operating system.
Internet connection.
Minimum 4Gb RAM.
Webcam and Microphone.


skills and attitudes that the participants must put into practice during their training:

  • Capacity for maximum effort in their training, which will force them to attend face-to-face sessions, investigate complementary materials and contribute all this knowledge to their final project.
  • Proactivity. New frameworks and tools come out every year, so it is essential that the student is willing to investigate on their own.
  • Ability to manage your time and that of your colleagues working as a team and combining leadership skills and flexibility at the same time.
  • Complete dedication to the program throughout its duration.





Objective: Understand the basics of user experience and interface design, as well as the markup language and styles for interfaces.

  • HTML and CSS introduction
  • User Experience (UX) and Interface Design (UI)
  • Frameworks


Objective: Provide the student with a basic knowledge of work environments for web software development and how to maintain their projects safely with change control.

  • Installation XAMPP, Node, Git
  • Introduction to Git
  • Survival with the command line


Objective: For the student to understand the basics of programming through one of the most widely used languages ​​today, as well as to understand its syntax and learn about the use of dependencies through the Node Package Manager.

  • Introduction to programming
  • Basic syntax
  • basic asynchrony
  • Dependencies with NPM

OUV (25h)

Objective: That the student understands and manages with ease the VUE framework and that he understands the most used frameworks in the development of web applications.

  • ViewJS
  • Connecting Vue apps with external APIs

PHP and SQL (25h)

Objective: That the student understands and manages the PHP language with ease and that he understands how to create and communicate with databases, being able to carry out simple CRUD operations.

  • Basic syntax
  • dependencies with composer
  • SQL with MySQL and SQLITE
  • Create a basic API (CRUD)


Objective: promote employability among the students of the course and accompany them in the job search process

  • Active search and self-knowledge
  • CV and job market
  • Seekers
  • communication workshop
  • Interviews and selection processes




1. Teachers

Being an intensive course, students will have specialist teachers. All teachers are active professionals whose mission is to teach training modules at a high level of quality, helping students to delve deeper into the subject, always aligned with the real needs of companies.

2. Flipped Classrooms

A pedagogical model that transfers the work of certain learning processes outside the classroom (through readings and exercises) and uses class time, together with the teacher's experience, to facilitate and enhance other processes of acquisition and practice of knowledge within the classroom .

It is a comprehensive approach that combines direct instruction with constructivist methods, increasing students' engagement and involvement with course content, and improving their conceptual understanding, which will support all phases of a learning cycle.

3.Pair programming

This is one of the best methods to learn programming, it allows you to separate the logic from the syntax of the code. Each student will be assigned a programming partner. One will be the one giving the orders, while the other will carry them out. The idea is that they switch roles every 15 minutes to ensure that they both acquire both skills.

4. Focused on practice

Learning by doing: Students learn by doing. That is why the teachers are all active professional developers. The teacher introduces a new concept in class, explains it and then proposes an exercise that the students practice as long as possible.

5. Exercises aligned with the needs of companies

The exercises are designed to have an application in the world of work and at the same time be attractive to students. Most of the exercises are based on real business projects. We believe that it is the best way to prepare students for the demands of the labor market.



Number of hours of the training action: 170 hours.

Site: National Pole of Digital Content of Malaga. Sor Teresa Prat, 15 - 29003 Málaga

Training modality: in person.

Date: determined.

Region: Málaga

Price: free.






Program co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Malaga City Council.

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