Open4All Blockchain Conference

Open4All Blockchain Conference
January 26, 2023 at 18:30 - 20:30
National Pole of Digital Content of Malaga
Open4All Blockchain Conference @ National Pole of Digital Content of Malaga

The company inhabitant of the National Pole of Digital Content of Malaga Releevant organizes next Thursday, January 26 at 18.30:4 p.m. the first talk of the BLOCKCHAIN ​​OPENXNUMXALL program.

This initiative aims to attract the most authoritative voices in topics such as Web3, NFT, Blockchain, Gaming, CryptoV or Finance to the city of Malaga.

The event will have two different panels: "The Landscape of Crypto VCs", a panel in English related to the world of finance and the economy, and "NFT Explained: Real Use Cse", a panel in Spanish focused on the world of NFTs. and its relationship with development and importance in actual use cases today.

The speakers will include, among others, Isidro Quintana, tutor of the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program and CEO co-founder of Triple-O Games; Luca Mossini, Business Development at Avantgarde Finance; Ivo Cadenas, CEO of Alter Crypto, investment hedge fund; o representatives of Evveland, Business Metaverse with real world applications, which applies Web3 technologies and operational experience to attract and empower diverse communities focused on events, creativity, awareness development and care of the planet.

The event will be completely public and face-to-face, and can also be followed via streaming by our community.

Registrations can be made at the following link: BLOCKCHAIN ​​OPEN4ALL Tickets, Thu, Jan 26 2023 at 18:30 | eventbrite.

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