Fraxel Games


FraxelGames it is, in its essence, a video game studio whose external activity is the realization of business or entertainment software On request to specific customers. This fact allows us to grant a customization at our service that few companies in the sector can give.


We are one nearby company that is in direct contact with our clients, allowing us to grant them a Quality service and uncommon assistance in the industry. We currently have our first product on the market “Super Saurio Fly” available for both Nintendo Switch and for PC and we are developing several more projects.


We intend to become a reference company in the development sector of video games and recreational products. Make our users able to experience and live a unique gaming experience, providing depth, a universe rich in details and quality when you enjoy our products. Make a positive social impact With all our activity.



  • Fraxel Games


  • Alejandro Montero Vila, Roberto Monge and Adetona Ajao


  • Videogames and Software Development

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