Krill Audio


Krill Audio is positioned as a single interlocutor in the interactive audio production process en video gameVR y new media, thus solving atomization in audio work in many studios.


Krill Audio covers all phases of interactive audio production:  sound design,composition and musical production e implementation Of audio.

The services offered by Krill Audio are:  sFX designRecording offoleydubbinglocation,  music recording and audio implementation.


The Krill Audio team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in sound engineering, music composition and production, and audio programming.


Krill Audio is also involved in a series of projects that include the development of different audio tools for engines such as Unity and Unreal as well as its own audio engine: Krill Audio Sound Engine and works with the latest mixed reality SDKs.

If it sounds ... we do.




  • Krill Audio


  • Felipe Milano, Carlos Casco and David Garcia


  • Videogames, Virtual Reality and New media

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