Audio Lab

Polo de Contenidos Digitales has an audio lab for developing and experimenting with the latest sound-related technologies with a professional team capable of meeting the client's needs.



Krill Audio manages the Polo Digital audio lab, providing support and consultancy for projects and residents. The company has a team capable of responding to any need in the audio production chain of the video game, VR and New Media industries. In addition to developing its own sound tools for video game engines, Krill Audio addresses atomisation of production processes and acts as a single partner with studios and producers.


Technical consulting and production services

  • Music: Composition, production, recording, mixing and mastering.

  • Sound design : SFX, Foley, dubbing, voiceover, field recording, audio 360 (Ambisonics/Binaural).

  • Audio programming : Implementing video game engines (Fmod/Wwise) and developing audio tools.


Managing and promoting the audio lab

  • Processing audio equipment reservation requests from the lab.

Maintenance and technical support

  • Cleaning sound equipment and musical instruments, as well as the recording booth.

  • Wiring Repair

  • Computer and device software upgrades.

  • Reviewing the operation of all equipment and devices.


Recording booth

  • Reviewing the operation of all equipment and devices.


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