Malaga Film Office


Málaga Film Office is the City Council's one-stop shop that FREE SHIPPING attends all productions that shoot in Malaga capital, promotes the city as a location and Malaga professionals and companies in the sector.


The wide variety of services offered by this municipal office are designed to save producers time, effort and money, giving them maximum facilities, including:

  • Advice on the advantages of choosing Malaga as a location: not only because of its strategic position between sea and mountains, its natural benefits (light, climate...), the variety of locations, it also has the best communications as well as magnificent professionals and companies from the bilingual sector, with extensive experience housed in the industry guide, Audiovisual Guide, but Malaga also offers free rates for filming in municipal areas, parking for production vehicles, furniture and lighting changes, traffic closures and many more municipal services!
  • Assessment of the possibilities of production and brief and flexible management of municipal permits necessary for the proper development of production.
  • Promotion of work from Malaga and those carried out in the city on the YouTube channel by type of production, by location as well as by group and objective, but also on the web and social networks. 
  • seal of the sustainable production: from the audiovisual sector we are also part of the change and we protect the most important location we have... the planet! 





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