Peripheria Films

Peripheria Films

Peripheria Films is an audiovisual production company based in Malaga, founded in 2018 by Daniel Natoli and Marina Díaz.

Focused on making creative documentaries and independent cinema, we also work with other formats on request (pieces for museums, corporations, advertising, video clips ...), always betting on creating works that have their own look.


We look for stories that go through and leave a mark. We look for images that are capable of providing new meanings. We seek to excite through the audiovisual.

The budget is important but not essential. For us, history is above all.


The form is important but it is not an end in itself. For us, cinematographic language must be at the service of history, and not vice versa.

We work with projects of all sizes, adapting our team of professionals according to the type of production. We are open to listen to all kinds of proposals.
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