Pixel crush


Pixelcrush is a smart CDN which allows real-time online image transformations. This project was born in the Techstars incubator in USA in 2016Among the main Service features include:

- Activation of the HTTP / 2 protocol to serve the images with the consequent increase in loading speed of web pages.

- Serve automatically WebP format images (up to 60% size reduction) to the browsers that support it.

- Image Optimization served from Pixelcrush, compressing and at the same time improving the appearance thanks to an equalization.

- Construction of SEO optimized URLs.


Pixelcrush allows optimize loading times of web portals that have a large number of images and is being used by clients in different verticals as  ecommerce, tourism websites or real estate portals.

In addition, Pixelcrush lends specialized consulting in the development of Visual recognition and natural language analysis applications based on techniques of Deep Learning.



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  • Miguel Ángel Rasero Peral


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