What is Polo


  • Opened in June 2017 with an economic impact of 10,5 million euros
  • Digital media and entertainment industry environment
  • 262 companies have passed through the Digital Pole


 Employment and Training

  • 3.134 students in initial and continuous in video games, technology, 2d and 3d animation, digital communication, etc.
  • 1.179 jobs generated
  • Six research chairs at the University of Malaga and more than 80 Executive students
  • Job placement rate of 89% of Youth Guarantee students


  Facilities and equipment

  • 12.000 m2 of facilities y labs
  • The best hub for casting, production and audiovisual post-production
  • 2.238+ equipment requests handled



  • 164.000 face-to-face and 72.000 virtual attendees, being the headquarters of events
  • More than 500 teams at the Tormenta Circuit stop Malaga Open Esports  League of Legends and Valorant.
  • 20+ eSports tournaments and 60.000 LOL Survival League views, 2.255 people and 260 players.


About Us

Innovate, believe and surprise. Those are the bases of human team what makes possible the National Pole of Digital Content. We believe in people, creativity and innovation and we get involved in every project that arrives at the Digital Pole giving support, listening to the proposals and helping you in whatever you need. All without losing sight of the spirit with which the Digital Pole is born, a space breaker and multi-discipline in which to create and work for and for projects based on digital content that we welcome.


Presentation Polo Digital 2020-2021 (download)

Polo Digital 2020 Presentation (download)

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We distinguish thevalue chain of entrepreneurship among IDEAS + PROJECTS + COMPANIES, which differentiate the options for pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration. What phase are you in?

Submit your application and we’ll help you out! (Download here)


At the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales, you will be mentored by prestigious professional experts in the media and entertainment fields for a period of at least 6 months and at most 2 years.


Polo’s residents receive advanced training and may be assisted in finding seed capital or funding for growth.

The National Pole of Digital Content, a project promoted by Red.es and managed by the  , has been configured as a space of innovation and trend laboratory where ideas or projects belonging to the sector of the digital content or its auxiliary sectors.


The Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales building has space totalling almost 12,000 m2 with co-working spaces, function rooms, classrooms, labs, etc. and equipment for developing and implementing projects related to digital content. Visit Our facilities!


We support initiatives that promote digital content by facilitating the search for startups, entrepreneurs, training mentoring in order to develop the business project.


  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship support
  • Research
  • Holding events


  • Demonstration
  • Exhibition
  • Pre-incubation, incubation and consolidation


The Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales is a leading hub featuring the most advanced technologies so that companies, creators and professionals can get set up, whilst enjoying work spaces, tech equipment, labs belonging to large multinationals, and state-of-the-art studios, all for free.


The program will be aimed at companies and independent professionals that they can use offices, rooms and common spaces. To belong to the Digital Pole, the entrepreneur will have to gather a series of requirements collected in the Bottoms.