Málaga 42

42 Málaga, the revolutionary formation of the future in the present

42 Malaga is a programming campus whose methodology is in the TOP 10 of the most innovative global universities and that has been highlighted for the ethical values ​​it transmits, even ahead of Harvard, Yale or Columbia.

Our Campus

The Malaga campus is the fourth to be created in Spain (after Madrid, Urduliz -Bizkaia- and Barcelona), it opened its doors on February 7, 2022 and started its first official course with the first 172 students selected in April that same year, after two previous “pool” periods in which more than 4.000 registration applications were counted.


Located in the facilities of the National Digital Content Pole of Malaga, it consists of 2.400 m2, capacity for 600 students and has 210 computers. 42 Málaga is face-to-face and free, it is open 24 hours / 7 days a week and follows an innovative project-based methodology, which uses gamification and peer learning, where students learn at their own pace, collaboratively with each other. .

At 42 Málaga, students learn to learn and are not only trained in technical skills, but also to develop skills such as effort, tolerance for frustration, the ability to improve and teamwork, highly valued and fundamental for any company. nowadays.

This initiative is promoted by Fundación Telefónica, the Malaga City Council and the Junta de Andalucía, in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Malaga.


42 Málaga Fundación Telefónica is one of the free projects focused on preparing people for the work that is currently in demand. The 42 Málaga programming campus is:

• A free learning method, open to people over 18 years of age with no requirements or prior knowledge and completely breaking the traditional educational model.
• The place that opens the door to peer training, without teachers, books or classes.
• A model aimed at training students in both digital skills, the most in demand today, and those known as 'soft skills': resilience and adaptation to change, tolerance for frustration, creativity and, above all, teamwork, among many others.

But 42 is much more than a campus to learn programming.

It is a philosophy, a revolution that comes to break all educational paradigms. At 42 Málaga, students are the protagonists of their own learning (step by step and free). The campus offers the necessary tools to face all the technological changes that anyone faces throughout their career. In 42 you "learn to learn" by developing the ability to adapt and find solutions to problems based on current knowledge and tools. But you not only learn programming, cybersecurity, design, blockchain, etc., but also communication, leadership, frustration tolerance, teamwork...


With an average duration of three years, students leave prepared to work in the current labor market thanks to a method that has produced results as successful as 100% employability or an average of eight job offers per student during the time they study. They remain in the program. The 42 Málaga programming campus is the ideal shuttle to connect with the jobs of the present and the future.