From the National Pole of Digital Content of Malaga we are committed to the business acceleration, understanding this as their international projection and support in the marketing phase.


To do this, we offer different programs, according to the needs of each project, which offer training, mentoring, a space for development and financing.


Co-produces video games in Europe



The National Center for Digital Content and the Ministry of Culture and Sports have an agreement to participate in the European video game co-production programme, which is developed SpielFabrique.


Specifically, this program allows video game studios to become professional, develop and find financing through international projects.


The program focuses on the tutoring of each company and the support of their management, covering the following areas:

  • Publishing and distribution opportunities through your network of experts.
  • Access to a network of investors.
  • International co-production through the European Game Co-Production Market.

At the end of the program, the video game studios show a greater acquisition of business, a European perspective in the gaming sector and an ambitious vision of the market for their projects and companies.


You can find all the information here.



Take the international leap with Startup Wise Guys!


The National Pole of Digital Content and Startup Wise Guys have a support program for the internationalization of indie startups dedicated, especially, to the video game and the virtual reality.


This program bases its lines of work on promoting local talent, attracting new European initiatives to be implemented in the city, training future professionals in the industry and promoting entrepreneurship through the acceleration of companies.


It lasts a total of 20 weeks, of which between 6 and 8 are face-to-face, and covers topics such as sales and traction, company development, training to make presentations and the possibility of financing of up to 90.000 euros.


Who can take part?

Companies dedicated to augmented, virtual, mixed, 3D reality, graphic tools and marketplace, metaverse, spatial computing, phygital (physical and virtual), visualization and interfaces for web 3.0 and vision of machinery and learning within the implementation of reality will be able to access extended.


Selection criteria include the team having at least two founders, a minimum viable operational product, some initial customer, global ambition, and proficiency in English.


If you want to participate, click here.


What does the program offer?

Incentives and aid

Personalized advice

Technology Skills Development Courses

Support in the search for funding


Publishing with Polo stamp


Cooking and Publishing is the publisher of indie video games of the Digital Content Pole and with a worldwide reach.


The objective is to work hand in hand with the talent of the inhabitants of the Digital Content Pole so that their video games are published on all platforms with the greatest visibility and the greatest impact.

How does this work?

  • Study of the viability of the video game and analysis of game trends, interests and searches.
  • Putting various work teams in contact so that the galaxy mind flows.
  • Port and publication on 11 platforms: Playstation, Nintendo Switch, xBox, Oculus, Steam, Microsoft, App Store, Google Play, Galaxy Store, App Gallery and Amazon Appstore.
  • QA tasks and Lotcheck processes, accelerating publication times.
  • Creation of product sheets, marketing resources and communications on social networks that impact.
  • Management of discounts and offers to maximize income.
  • Simplification of administrative tasks, preparing performance reports and managing payments.

To participate in this program write an email to or visit your webpage

Grows hand in hand with Viva Games


About us Live Games has a program of incubation and acceleration of video game studios in collaboration with the Digital Content Hub.


The model of this "indie" program focuses on three pillars: product, analytics and marketing.


As for its development, it has three well-differentiated phases:

  1. Detection of talent and creation of the first product to seek the economic sustainability of the future studio.
  2. Creation of the commercial company.
  3. Support in the autonomous management of the study, training them in areas of marketing and analytics.


If you are interested in participating, contact through this link.