The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, and the general director of the INCYDE Foundation, Javier Collado, presented this morning at City Hall two new collaboration agreements for the training and promotion of digital entrepreneurship. In this sense, the agreements provide for the implementation of a total of 96 free training actions that will take place at the National Digital Content Pole, located in Tabacalera. The event was also attended by the delegate councilors for Innovation, Digitalization and Investment Capture, Alicia Izquierdo, and for Education and Employment Promotion, María Paz Flores.

In this way, the actions will be developed over a period of four years, from October 2023 to September 2027, and involve a total investment of 4 million euros. It should be noted that these new training programs will be carried out with 85% financing provided by the European Social Fund (ESF+) through the INCYDE Foundation and the remaining 15% by the Malaga City Council.

Thus, the first agreement, which is part of the Operational Program for Employment, Education, Training and Social Economy, “Emprende y Avanza”, provides for the implementation of 72 training actions aimed at entrepreneurship during the aforementioned period. This investment exceeds 3 million euros and represents the promotion of opportunities for business creation and consolidation in technological sectors.

Similarly, the second agreement is aimed at young people under 30 years of age and is part of the "Reactivate your Future" program of the Youth Employment Operational Program. It should be noted that this agreement will allow the implementation of up to 24 training actions over the next four years, and has a total investment of 983.400 euros, also with 15% co-financing provided by the Malaga City Council.

The entrepreneurship program covers a wide variety of topics such as extended and augmented reality; digital content creation; 2D and 3D animation, as well as video games, among others.

The duration of the courses is 6 weeks and, depending on the program, they are in-person or hybrid, with part of the classes online. The training program began in October and will last until September 2027.

Those interested can obtain more information and register for the different courses through the website of the INCYDE Foundation in which the first actions that will be launched in the coming weeks have already been published. You can also obtain information about this in the Polo training agenda


The training actions will be carried out at the facilities of the National Digital Content Pole, which has been collaborating with the INCYDE Foundation since 2019 in similar actions, as well as at the facilities of the future High Technology Incubator in Metaverse upon its entry into service.

Since the beginning of this collaboration, around 1.000 people in Malaga have benefited from these training programs, which have had a very positive impact in terms of improving their chances of finding employment or starting a self-employed business project. With this model, outstanding job placement rates are being achieved among those attending, close to 40% in some of the programs, above the global average of 11% in the initiatives co-financed by the European Social Fund throughout the territory of the Union.

In addition, this training offer has been complemented with the holding of different meeting forums at the headquarters of the National Digital Content Pole under the motto "Youth with a future", in which the keys to success of the new students are explored, disseminated and facilitated. sources of employment around the video game sector, technological innovation and digital content, with content that connects with the younger population and that includes entrepreneurship initiatives in sectors such as “content generation; the new profession of the XNUMXst century", "Audiovisual animation" or "Passion for cinema, series and comics: how to turn your passion into a professional career".