What is Polo

Video Games

The entertainment sector and, especially, video games, has suffered unprecedented growth in recent years.

This trend has been widespread worldwide, but it has also been reflected in our country, generating an increasingly powerful industry with a greater number of developer studios.

From the National Digital Content Pole of Malaga we help all those people who want to enter the sector, whether by training, starting a business or accelerating as a company.


Furthermore, the experience and trajectory of the National Digital Content Pole of Malaga have made it a strategic partner for other territories and companies in the development of their entrepreneurial strategies or in the implementation of open innovation initiatives.

Young entrepreneurs

We help you get started, fill out and send your application:

1. Read the instructions carefully basis.
2. Fill out the application detailing your idea or project. Adhere to the assessment criteria!
3. Send your completed application and additional documentation that you consider hello@polodigital.eu.