March 13, 2023 at 09:00 - 14:00
Sor Teresa Prat Avenue, 15

eSports Management Course

ESports Management Course (Malaga)

Esports are not only the competitive side of video games but also a revolutionary way of understanding this new digital era. An adolescent industry that is currently undergoing its consolidation process in several countries, Spain included, attracting the attention of the youngest, but also of large companies of all kinds.

The millions of spectators that the sector gathers are a very interesting target for many companies at different levels that see a great opportunity and that in turn may hold the key to accelerating the esports normalization process. In Spain the market has grown rapidly, placing itself at the forefront of European countries, achieving a boom in its professionalization and it is obvious that it is a sector of economic interest and future generator of employment, where in recent years several steps have been taken to ensure the sustainability and future of the sector.


Against this background, the creation of knowledge and training on esports and the complex structure of its actors and relationships is key for the development of the industry today and for future generations, who will be the true managers of a sector that will have a privileged in our everyday lives.


Program objectives

  • Get a realistic 360 view of the esports industry at various levels.
  • Obtain knowledge about the esports value chain and who are the most relevant actors involved in it.
  • Learn the best marketing techniques for the sector, both internally, for endemic projects or companies, as well as for non-endemic companies that see in esports an opportunity to grow their business.
  • Obtain a specific vision about the current legal framework to operate in esports: regulations, contracts, transfers, bets, etc.
  • Learn the management techniques necessary to manage an esports team from different points of view: organization, recruitment, championships, advertising, etc.
  • Learn the necessary management techniques to manage esports competitions: organization, sponsorships, legal aspects, promotion, online and offline events, etc.
  • Understand how current and future technology can support the creation of new, more sustainable business models for the sector.
  • Know the current financing channels available for the sector.


Who is it geared towards?


Long-term unemployed preferably from the city of Malaga (for these purposes, it will be considered to be unemployed for 12 or more months in the last 18 months) registered in the public employment offices in search of an occupation. The minimum academic qualification for access will be ESO or intermediate/superior training degree (former FP). It is not necessary to have specific previous knowledge. It is necessary that they have skills in the use of the Internet since many searches of various kinds will be carried out. It is recommended that the participant has some basic knowledge of English, since many functions will be seen in that language.




1. Understanding esports (15 hours)

  • Introduction to esports
  • Esports value chain
  • Trends, vectors of growth and challenges
  • Industry statistics and metrics
  • Practical case to solve

2. The publisher in esports (15h)

  • The publisher in esports
  • Video game promotion and negotiation in esports
  • Esports game metrics
  • Platform distribution and scope
  • Practical case to solve

3. Marketing in esports (15h)

  • Objectives and benefits of brands in esports
  • Sponsorships: Difference according to different sectors
  • Esports Sponsorship Metrics
  • Practical case to solve I
  • Practical case to solve II

4. Legal aspects of esports (15h)

  • Legal form of esports clubs
  • Relations between club and player
  • Audiovisual rights and sponsorship contracts
  • Integrity and doping in esports
  • Practical case to solve

5. Technology in esports (15h)

  • Technical knowledge for esports (I)
  • Technical knowledge for esports (II)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Big Data and AI
  • Blockchain

6. Management of esports clubs (15h)

  • structure of a club
  • Sustainability and scalability models
  • Sponsorship management and investment search
  • Brand Management

7. Competition management (15h)

  • Competition as a product
  • Tips for creating and managing a competition
  • Communication at esports events
  • Preparation of a face-to-face esports event
  • JAM Esports

8. Financing in esports (15h)

  • Types or sources of financing
  • Phases or stages of financing
  • Most common mistakes
  • Valuation, dilution and exit
  • Industry case study

9. End of course work (20h)

10. Masterclasses (10h)





The program has an online structure with virtual face-to-face 4 days a week and 1 face-to-face class a week. With very practical classes in which the students will work on the concepts while they are taught by the teacher.

The course will also include an e-sport project that can be done individually or in small groups.



Number of hours of the training action: 250 hours.

Site: National Pole of Digital Content of Malaga. Sor Teresa Prat, 15 - 29003 Málaga

Training modality: in person.

Date: determined.

Province: Málaga

Price: free.






Program co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Malaga City Council.