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The National Digital Content Hub of Malaga has two incubation programs for emerging projects or ideas in the Media and Entertainment sector and Virtual Reality and the metaverse.

Specific pre-incubation for
video games and digital content

This pre-incubation model is focused on the video game and entertainment industry and is developed under the Go2Work program at the National Digital Content Pole, the result of collaboration between the EOI (School of Industrial Organization) and the Malaga City Council. , co-financed by the European Social Fund.

The bases of this business development program are:

Lean Startup methodology with a specialist mentor to help launch the project.
Specialized advice for each project.
Coworking space available during the pre-incubation program.
Workshops, seminars and events, including the final Demo Day to present initiatives.

Lean Startup Methodology

From the beginning, each project has a specialist mentor who helps you launch the initiative.

Specialist Mentors

In addition, each project will have specific advice on the specific matters of its idea.

Coworking space

Throughout the pre-incubation program, participants have a workspace in the Digital Content Hub.

Workshops and seminars

The program is complemented by training pills on general materials common to all projects, as well as some events, such as the final Demo Day to present the initiatives.

During the almost six months of the program, the participating projects (about twenty in each edition) obtain the training and advice necessary to convert their ideas into a minimum viable product, close to the market and that meets its demands to be competitive. .

The program has been specially adapted for the video game industry, audiovisual production and extended reality in Malaga and is the only one existing nationwide.

Any entrepreneur residing in Spain can opt to participate in this program, regardless of the state of development of their project and with the sole condition that they are not subject to a full-time employment contract as an employee.

You can request information through email

The compass:
We help you create your
project in XR and Metaverse

Together with the Incyde Foundation and the Malaga Chamber of Commerce and through co-financing of FEDER funds, the Digital Content Pole launches in 2022 a new specific incubation program for the development of ideas and projects with Extended, Augmented and Virtual Reality and from Metaverse.

It is aimed at already established companies or self-employed workers and they can benefit from this program for a period of twelve months.

It includes a work space, training and specialized mentoring, as well as access to the latest technology equipment that will contribute decisively to the development of your projects.

IAT Metaverse
High incubator
technology in metaverse

Throughout 2023, the National Digital Content Pole of Malaga will launch the first High Technology Incubator (IAT) in Europe's Metaverse.

With the development of this initiative, the aim is to create an advanced research center where all companies, universities and entrepreneurs can experience the trends and developments that the development of the Metaverse will bring and
all the technology that will accompany this new concept.

It will also include those transversal technologies of the sector such as 6G, Supercomputing, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, etc.

The IAT in Metaverse is an initiative of the Incyde Foundation and the Malaga City Council, through the National Digital Content Pole, which is co-financed by the Feder Funds.

This project is 80%-20% co-financed through Spain's Pluriregional Operational program. ERDF 2014-2020. The High Technology Incubators project is framed within axis 3 Improving the Competitiveness of SMEs, Thematic Objective 3 Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, and investment priority 3 Promotion of entrepreneurship, in particular, facilitating exploitation economic of new ideas, and promoting the creation of new companies, also through incubators. FEDER financing obtained through the INCYDE Foundation as an Organization with the POPE Financial Path.