The City Council, through the Area of ​​Economy, Finance and European Union Funds, has launched two innovative mobile applications that aim to bring the biodiversity of Malaga closer to citizens by combining scientific dissemination and games. Called 'Academia Alborán' and 'The Search', these are two apps that are free to download and have been developed within the European project 'LifeWatch Alborán'. They disseminate the objectives, values ​​and research carried out from this European project in an enjoyable and fun way. In this way, players learn about biodiversity in Malaga in the form of interactive visual novels.

Specifically, they are financed with FEDER funds, granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCIN) and with LifeWatch ERIC (LWERIC) - an independent entity of the European Commission for the creation, development and maintenance of ICT infrastructures for biodiversity research and ecosystems – as a collaborating entity. They are thus part of the biodiversity project linked to observation, study and
digital monitoring through sensors of the fauna and flora of the coast of Malaga and the Alboran Sea; strategically related to the Urban Agenda and the City Council's Climate Plan. The investment for the development of these informative and recreational applications has been 113.740 euros.

They are aimed at both children's audiences, 'Academia Alborán', and adults, 'La Search', and have been developed by the startup Novelingo, founded in 2020 at the National Digital Content Pole. With a totally original development, they have illustrations by Cristina Segura and Carla Lucena, music by Felipe Milano and script by José Luis García.

It should also be noted that the 'Academia Alborán' app has been recognized by Google Play with the prestigious seal of its 'Approved by Teachers' program which determines that “the language, vocabulary and sound are of high quality and suitable for target age groups of the app, including character dialogue, music, sound effects, voice-overs and written text” and that “the visual elements are of high quality, suitable and attractive for children of target age groups, including animations and art.”

They are now available to download for free as an app from the Apple Store and Google Play and are compatible with Chrome OS.



Alboran Academy
We welcome you to the Alborán Academy. Here you will learn to look closely at the biodiversity of the city of Malaga and its surroundings. This interactive youth visual novel will make you travel through unexpected corners, from natural places such as the mouth of the Guadalhorce to the very bottom of the sea. To do this you have the help of Alicia, Bob, Lata, Cosmo and Pippa, some of our best agents, and now you are one of them. Open your eyes wide, don't miss any details. Enjoy the adventure!

You can download it from Google Play at this link and for the Apple Store by clicking here.

The search

The Search will take you from one corner to another of Malaga and its surroundings: under the sea, on the beaches, in a natural setting, through the streets and perhaps to some lost place. But you are lucky to have the help of a good part of the LifeWatch Alborán team. What are you going to find? You will discover that on this journey through biodiversity. In this interactive visual novel you will embark on the adventure of restoring a treasure map whose pieces are scattered throughout the city of Malaga and its surroundings.

You can download it from Google Play at this link and for the Apple Store by clicking here.