December 19, 2023 at 09:30 - 14:00
National Pole of Digital Content

Flare by Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys presents Flare, an exciting unique event in Malaga.

Flare is an event that will bring together the innovative spirit of the city and our Estonian Baltic origins. A place where the brightest minds of the Malaga startup ecosystem will interact with an international network of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

Whether you're a newbie entrepreneur, a seasoned founder, an investor, or just a follower of the startup ecosystem, Flare is the place to be. Learn from industry experts, connect with like-minded people, and gain valuable insights to take your startup to the next level. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to feed your entrepreneurial spirit. Get ready for:

  • A keynote talk from a leading entrepreneur.
  • A discussion panel on the present and future of the local startup ecosystem with local key actors.
  • A startup competition.
  • Networking opportunities with startups, local and international investors and other members of the Malaga startup community.
  • And some cool surprises that connect our Estonian heritage with Malaga.

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