What is Polo

Helping startups in video games and the metaverse

The National Digital Content Pole is a public entity dependent on the Malaga City Council that aims to promote entrepreneurship and generate a strong ecosystem around video games, virtual reality and audiovisual production (Media and Entertainment). Its main lines of work are verticalized entrepreneurship; video game publishing; training close to the market; and corporate services (PoloSfera).

Created in 2017, the Polo is a project promoted by Red.es that has been configured as an innovation space and trend laboratory where ideas or projects belonging to the digital content sector and its auxiliary sectors are developed.

Video games, audiovisual production, metaverse and virtual, extended and augmented reality are the key themes in this 12.000 square meter space and the ecosystem generated around it.


We have programs to help startups in all their development phases:

Pre-incubation for the initial moment of the idea and being able to achieve a minimum viable product through specialized training and mentoring.

Acceleration through internationalization and investment attraction programs.

Incubation supporting with spaces, materials, equipment... to develop and grow companies.

Publishing for developers to monetize from the beginning.


We develop free training programs for young people and the unemployed aimed at training them in the new professions that are generated in the video game environment and with high employability.


From the National Digital Content Hub of Malaga we establish synergies with large companies so that they are drivers of the talent generated. In addition, we help other territories in the definition of their verticalized entrepreneurship models given our experience and the success achieved in their implementation.