We collaborate with companies and help other territories


Attracting companies and entities that are drivers of the talent that is generated in the National Digital Content Hub of Malaga and in its ecosystem is essential for the positioning and growth of its entrepreneurs.

Large international corporations, such as Globant, Telefónica, Caterpillar, Endesa, Porsche, Fundación ONCE, Vodafone or Fundación Orange, are some of the examples of successful cases of collaboration with the Digital Content Pole to work in different lines, such as :

Creation of open innovation processes

Recruitment of companies to develop specific projects

Development of collaborative work spaces

Accompaniment, advisory and consultancy services

Other territories

The verticalized and quadruple helix entrepreneurship model and the success and consolidation achieved since it was created in 2017 around the Media and Entertainment sector, have meant that many territories have the Digital Content Hub of Malaga as consultants in the development of their entrepreneurship models.

In this way, a new specific line of work emerges as an advisor in which city councils, councils and local entities that need to analyze their entrepreneurial ecosystem, determine the verticalization and positioning of the territory to make their emerging industries visible and help them build a sustainable model are advised. that enhances the development of said industry.

Below are some of the entities that have already trusted the Polo: