Pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration programme from projects and tech ideas. We select the best ideas or projects based on digital content, with special emphasis on those related to gaming, media, entertainment and industries 4.0, all strategic vectors in the city of Malaga.


The length of a stay at Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales is 24 months.

PRE-INCUBATION PHASE / Milestone 1: Business Plan / Period: 6 months

There is an initial period of 6 months for you to develop and implement the business model presented. The business plan should be based on the economic-financial viability of the project and its possibilities of advancing and going onto the market.



In addition to having a co-working space for free for 6 months at this stage, Polo residents receive personalised advice, the option of attending practical workshops and the opportunity to participate actively in the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales community, where activities are developed to promote synergies and cooperation with the aim of maturing and enriching projects.



At the end of the period, you must deliver your business plan.


INCUBATION PHASE /Milestone 2: Beta or Minimal Viable Product MVP / Period: 6-12 months

By passing Milestone 1, you will enter the Incubation phase, which lasts 6 to 12 additional months and ends with the completion of Milestone 2 Beta or MVP (minimum viable product). When entering this phase, you will be subject to the current rates for spaces for private use.



The Milestone for this phase will consist of a presentation demonstrating your functional or Beta product/service prototype. You must submit the presentation and jointly send us the company’s Tax and Social Security registration by the end of the phase.



ACCELERATION PHASE / Milestone 3: Billing + Milestone: 4 Demoday / Period: 6 months

After Milestone 2, an additional 6 months are granted, during which you will have to provide an updated business plan and the level of turnover before the 6 months of the post-incubation phase is over.



Once you have gone on to Milestone 3, you will have another 6 months (up to the maximum stay of 24 months) to reach Milestone 4, where you can present the project in Demoday format.



Itinerary just for business projects less than 2 years old (from date of registration with the Treasury).

Information 2017/18