# NoF * ckingIdea

# NoF * ckingIdea

# NoF * ckingIdea is a creative study That runs away from tags. We produce digital content that promotes diversity and equality Of all the people on the planet. We carry out independent projects and commercial jobs for agencies and customers from all over the world.


We create inspirational stories online and own speeches in our projects and for brands or events that trust us.


The difference makes us unique.


From local to international, too we represent and produce artists 3.0 and influencers whose profiles provide personality and add value to the concepts with which they interact.


The professionals that are part of this adventure belong to different generations and professional specialties, we run away from the definitions. That gives us different points of view and singularity. We all agree in a moment of evolution towards new forms, formats and more diverse realities that allow us to reach people differently, turning our knowledge and experience. Ideas have to come from other places. From where? # NoF * ckingIdea



  • # NoF * ckingIdea


  • Carmen Escalante González, Pablo Lavado Cueto, Iñaki San Juan Cañestro and Alejandra Rodríguez Ortas


  • Audiovisual production, interactive events and workshops

Web design

  • Under construction