RedKane is a digital platform focused on communicators, first, and the general public.


It is a Social network because it allows the profile creation both collective and individual and the generation of multimedia content (video, audio, photos, etc.). Like every social network, you can share what is done with other users within the network itself, as well as outside it, and of course, allows classify content. All these qualities will generate us a reputation within the platform.


It is an Information Platform because generates information through three streams: through users, which produce traditional information; the one that generates the platform itself, and a third, the information it generates the platform based on user information.


It's a Marketplace because it is a user base and talents, that is, it is a showcase of talents where to value your reputation monetize your content. How? Selling and buying content in the "I have" and "I need" mode, which is the virtual market we offer in RedKane. We look for generate benefits and provide professional visibility to our interested users so fast, simple and comfortable. With a single click and a single transaction.



  • Redkane


  • Martín Moreno, Olalla Negrete, Hernán Leal


  • Digital and Creative Communication

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