Mac room

There are computers in this room Next-gen apple mac and Windows PCs with Adobe licenses, upon request for reservations.


This room is devoted to design, production, audiovisual postproduction, 3D animation, rendering, video editing, matching, infographics, architecture, VFX special effects, virtual reality and augmented reality.



In this space, entrepreneurs can execute productions with the utmost realism and professionalism for cinema, television, advertising and video games.



Polo residents can apply for a slot and are assigned one according to the project’s needs.


  •   Editing and rendering <strong>videos in 4K</strong>


  • Rendering <strong>architecture projects</strong>


  • Modelling 3D
  •   Audiovisual <strong>postproduction and matching</strong>


  • Treatment for (RAW)


  • Animation of 3D designs