23/01/2024.- MalagaJam Weekend, the largest in-person video game marathon in Europe and the second in the world of the headquarters of the Global Game Jam, returns on days 2January 6, 27 and 28 at the National Digital Content Pole of Malaga, located in Tabacalera, to celebrate its 17th edition with the aim of establishing itself as the best game jam presence of the world.

The event has the participation of developers from different parts of Spain and Europe who will have 48 hours to create video games or board games in a weekend of coexistence that seeks to promote the development of games in a safe environment under healthy practices, create community , establish connections and promote national talent alongside developers and entrepreneurs.

It should be noted that in this XVII edition more than 300 people after tickets sold out in less than 2 minutes. One of the novelties and attractions of this year is that the event will have Anna Guxens, Senior RPG designer at Larian Studios, the studio that won Game of the Year at The Game Awards for Baldur's Gate 3, who will give a presentation the day before the marathon and will also mentor participants during the weekend. MálagaJam now has more than 2.550 participants and 475 games created among the 16 editions held to date

The video game marathon will begin on Friday, January 26 with the opening at 15:00 p.m. At the beginning of the days, teams will be formed made up of programmers, musicians, designers, creators, writers and artists of any age or experience. Subsequently, the organization will announce the theme around which the games of this edition will have to be developed. The conferences will be broadcast on video through the Twitch by MalagaJam.



As a preview of the marathon, on January 25 the National Digital Content Pole of Malaga will host the 'Charlitas Deluxe', presentations with free attendance until capacity is reached with the participation of recognized professionals from the sector belonging to national and international reference companies and studios. . The programming is as follows:


  • 17:00 – Fernando de Luna from Odders – “What we learned from OhShape”
  • 18:00 – Dobra Studios – “The Great Below, the real terror was making video games”
  • 19:00 – Union Coordinator of the VIdeogame – “Union and video games”
  • 20:00 – Anna Guxens from Larian Studios – “A thousand stories for a thousand heroes: designing narratives around the players in Baldur's Gate 3”



The organization will symbolically reward the best games in the categories of: Best game, Best sound section, Best game design, Best narrative, Best visual section and Special recognition from the organization.

One of the objectives is to promote gender, racial, functional and sexual orientation diversity and inclusion in the video game community and industry. For it, MalagaJam Weekend It has the collaboration of the Femdevs and Gaymer associations to advise the participants. The games with the best diverse representation will also be awarded.

The non-profit association MalagaJam, responsible for organizing this game jam, has become a reference event in the video game community and has collaborated in the planning of similar events at a national and international level.

MálagaJam Weekend is an initiative of MálagaJam, and has the support of the Málaga City Council, through the National Digital Content Pole and FYCMA (Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga), Fundación Telefónica, Devolver Digital, Odders Lab, Deconstructeam, The Game Kitchen, Rinova, the Master of Video Game Creation at the University of Malaga, FP Video Games at the Digital Pole and CocaCola; along with the collaboration of the LGBT+ community of Gaymer players; the Femdevs Association, which promotes the interest, participation and presence of women in the culture of video game development, and New Gaming, a cultural association from Córdoba.